Foreign Child Sponsorship

It is a sponsorship program which sets up a relationship with foreign poverty children one by one and support children to make them get a good education at 40,000 Won, every month. Children can learn wide world and shape their promising future.

Regular Sponsor, Temporary Sponsor

You can donate your talent for poverty children of the global village. You can practice in the spirit of sharing by donating your special abilities such as translation, photographing, making videos, editing, illustrating, and designing.

Talent Donation

All the contribution is used in the prime need of national enterprise which is undertaken by ADRF. You can get sponsorship breakdown and receipts for contribution at our homepage.

Article Supporting

We are supporting items to children in Hope Class or fund business for poverty children with proceeds from the bazaar under consultation with sponsor. If there aren’t many items, you can send them by making a personal visit to ADRF secretariat or sending a package by parcel service. If you have many things to donate, ADRF comes in person and collect them directly. This is available for only metropolitan area.

Corporate Social Contribution

ADRF cooperates with corporations or organizations which want to join in contribution activities in corporate social contribution through partnership. We can carry on business such as making after school study room, proceeding library plus project, and volunteering globally. Also, they can design customized contribution with ADRF and conduct them. Through these activities, companies can establish positive image, make employees feel pride, and share pleasure of sharing.

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ADRF Global Volunteers Visiting Sponsored Countries

Every summer and winter we can volunteer for poverty children and local residents in Africa and Asia through ADRF global support corps. Global volunteering consists of education volunteering, effort volunteering, homestay and cultural experience. We can cooperate with companies, schools, and organizations for global support corps. Additionally, if supporters want to visit connected children, we can help visiting through local office.

Online Funding

Happy Bean manages various projects from all around the world and Happy Bean online collecting box with stories of children in need and report process and results. You can donate Happy Bean points to projects which you want to support and write encouraging messages.