ADRF Programs


ADRF has built and managed an educational institution for isolated children in poverty who can not get a benefit of education. We try to provide a better educational environment with management support for each school, and they conduct a scholarship work to all students.
Also, we support them by operating management for an educational institution which is now under difficult situation, enlarging a building, repairing all facilities for children to study themselves in better environment.

2016 단체소개서 영문 11-9


We give the promise of hope that brightens children’s faces by forming relationships between children in poor countries and generous individual supporters. In this way we supplement the children’s education and basic living.

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▶ ADRF Provides Opportunity to be Educated through new Hope Class
In select developing countries where the quality of education is relatively low, ADRF provides children with various opportunities to be educated, such as remedial education for basic subjects like mathematics, and English. We also provide educations in other areas, like art, music physical education, Korean and field study activities. Also, we support young people’s physical growth by providing meals for local poorly-fed children and by scheduling regular health examinations by visiting nurses.
▶ Child Care and Humanistic Educational Support by Nursing Teacher
Once or more per month a nursing teacher visits each child’s house in person to check the home environment and individual health. Our goal is to help them improve their home environment through education and attention. We also monitor the child’s mental state through regular psychological consultations and interviews, and support personality education through the ADRF hope class.

ADRF Global Volunteers

We sent 12 volunteers to Liberia, Africa in January 1997. Since then, we have continued to send volunteers abroad. The Global Volunteers proceed various contents of educational voluntary work for local children in need. They progress labor services like repairing facilities and extension work for regions and schools that need help, and also donate products. Additionally they run medical services for health improvement of the locals, cultural exchange programs, and cultural experience to understand each country’s history and culture.

ADRF Global volunteers not only serve for local poor children and residents but also help the volunteers become a global leader understanding and practising sharing by volunteer training and overseas volunteers management.

Global Volunteers Major Activity

▶ Education Volunteer
Service members prepare various subjects of education volunteer in local school or Hope Class in person

▶ Homestay
Interchange between areas they are dispatched by home visiting Hope Class student

▶ Meal and Labor Service
Meal service for Hope Class students who barely comes to school with their starving stomach and labor service such as repairing Hope Class or building an extension.

▶ Cultural Experience
Experiencing field location’s history and culture by visiting each country’s cultural heritage and historical site


We convey stories about the meaning and value of sharing and the pleasure of it to let more people participate and practice together in sharing.

2016 단체소개서 영문-17▶ Group Educational Sharing

A teacher visits places such as schools, corporate events, gatherings and proceeds fun share classes talking about meanings and values of sharing and the action of it, too. ADRF has made people recognize the reality of children in poverty in the whole world by visual and auditory materials, telling them about what trivial sharing’s means, values, and the pleasures starting in the daily life, and educate them to practice in reality.

▶ Education for Global Citizenship

It is not only for lectures but is a participatory program that students plan and practice the project for themselves. It develops global leadership by searching concrete solutions for global issues and problems through Hope Classes and international cooperation project from each foreign operation of ADRF.


ADRF is helping the volunteers look for their own ways to help people and put them into action by developing various projects that can fulfill with some domestic volunteers and proceeds them.

▶ Hope Dream
_Fairy Tale Translating Volunteers

Every year, we translate Korean story books with good quality through talent donation, to volunteers who have outstanding English ability. We use these books in English or Korean language education, and humanistic education for children overseas. All these activities are carried out by volunteers with their prestigious competence from international high schools, foreign language high schools, Yonsei University, Hankook University of Foreign Education, and Sookmyung Women’s University.

▶ Dream High
_Teachers’ Volunteering Team

We are together for higher dream of children in Africa and Asia. Dream High is a voluntary organization of Korean and African teachers. We not only make materials for teaching but also make an effort to strengthen volunteers’ capabilities by visiting local ADRF Hope Class. We aim to improve quality of education in Africa and Asia.

▶ Hope Supporters
_On and Offline Ambassadors

Hope Supporters is an online and offline honorary ambassador which advocates the slogan of ADRF ‘HOPE = EDUCATION, Education is hope’. It’s ADRF public relations exercises that set up a relation with a child who comes from a supported nation, support educational opportunities to children in Africa, and give news of Hope class and children through such as blogs and facebook.

ADRF Global PR activist

ADRF supports various activities to foreign students from developing countries.

▶ International Student Support

ADRF gives scholarships to the selected international students in Korea and provides opportunities of diverse cultural experiences. International students from Africa and Asia have regular meetings and experience different cultures together in Korea. Up to now more than 160 students have played active roles in various fields including local ADRF office to improve their countries after they return to their home countries.

▶ ADRF Global PR Activist

An educational support from ADRF publicize share of ADRF as global Activist. They illustrate difficulties of their nations and promote vision of ADRF to make much more people participate in sharing.